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Clearing the Air: The Impact of Vaping on Kids and Teens

Here at Egan Counseling and Consulting, we are familiar with the impact of vaping on both children and parents. Vaping has become more common and widely accepted, especially among younger generations, despite being proven to be dangerous and harmful. Vaping is considered to be more acceptable than other forms of smoking due to the more pleasant smell, and lighter smoke. 

Vapes can vary from containing nicotine and synthetic nicotine to Delta-8 and THC. It is hard to know if someone has been vaping, compared to smoking. Regardless of the type, all vaping is dangerous due to smoke entering the lungs. Vaping can also be dangerous because the vapes can be tampered with - especially THC vapes, due to them being illegal and unregulated. Vapes can have a disposable cartridge attached to them, where the substance that is to be heated and inhaled. 

Unfortunately, in Charlotte we have seen cases where these cartridges are laced with additional chemicals, unknown to the user. Egan Counseling can assist you and your child in learning more about vaping and how to discuss the harmful effects of vaping and work towards cessation. There are many methods and programs that are available for adults who are considering cessation. Unfortunately, there are few programs and methods specifically for adolescents. Adolescents who are more at risk for engaging in vaping include those with mental health concerns, as well as other subpopulations. 

At Egan Counseling and Consulting, we are able to address mental health concerns as well as addictive behaviors and substance use utilizing a holistic and solution focused approach. Addiction and mental health concerns are not things that someone should feel they have to face alone, but often people feel isolated in their struggles. Our goal is to make sure that families have the resources they need in order to move forward and to feel confident in their abilities to do so. If you or a loved one is struggling with vaping or another form of addiction, Egan Counseling and Consulting may be a good fit. Please review our website, including services and clinicians, if you are interested. If you have any questions please reach out to our office at (704) 981-2190 or

Caitlyn Andersen, M.S., LCMHCA, NCC

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