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Therapists and Parent Coaches are in the Best Position to Support Kids with Tech & Social Media

Updated: May 25, 2020

So you’re a therapist and you work with kids or teens. Technology & social media play a HUGE role in kids’ lives. Some kids seem to handle the temptations of technology effortlessly, while others STRUGGLE. They may spend hours on YouTube, create inappropriate videos on TikTok, or jump headfirst into drama on Snapchat. Parents are overwhelmed. They may look to you to guide them in how to best supervise their kids and create healthy balance.

If you don’t have kids in your own home, this can be tough. It can be tempting to say things like, “You’re the parent, just take it away” or “Kids can’t get addicted to video games; they just have a bad habit” or “Kids don’t need technology, why did you let them have it to begin with?”

Inadvertently, you may cause parents to feel ashamed, blamed, and trapped.

What do parents do when they experience this feeling while working with their therapist or parent coach?

They don’t consider you an authority on child development.

They don’t come back to your office.

They don’t tell their friends about your services.

This can create a barrier to kids and their families getting help.

This can slow the growth of your practice.

This can give you a raging case of Imposter Syndrome.

As someone with nearly 20 years of experience as a clinician and a parent, I know firsthand that understanding best practices in managing technology & social media is essential to providing high-quality care for youth and their parents. So many clinical issues can stem from unhealthy use of technology---social issues, loneliness, anxiety, aggression, depression, family conflict, sexualization of youth, sleep disturbances, avoidance behavior...the list goes on and on. As clinicians, we have to stay informed. Make sure you’re in the position to be the right clinician for your young clients.

So what can you do? Get informed. Be prepared.

Download this 30-page, well-organized e-book with over three hours of accompanying audio recordings that thoroughly explain topics such as the:

1) impact of technology on development

2) risks and benefits of technology & social media

3) techniques to protect children on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube

4) tools to supervise kids & teens

5) best practices to use in the home to minimize power struggles, create balance, & reconnect families

6) questions to ask to determine if a child is ready for technology and social media.

Right now, this mini-course is offered at a LOW introductory price of $49.99. There has never been a better time to increase your skills in this area. This mini-course is informational, succinct, and will provide you with the exact language to use with parents.

Download it HERE and let me know what you think.

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