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 "Managing Your Family's Technology & Social Media"

Are you experiencing power struggles with your kids over technology? Does it feel like your child is "obsessed" with their cell phone, video games, or social media? Would you like to create more balance in your home and reconnect with your family? 
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then take this opportunity to learn more about:

1) how technology impacts your child's development

2) risk factors that contribute to a dependency on technology

3) pros and cons of using social media

4) facts about various social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok AND recommendations on how to keep your kids safe on each of these platforms.

5) helpful tools to supervise your kids online

6) best practices to use at home to create balance and tech-free times

7) ways to determine whether your child is ready for social media

Watch my short video below to learn more.

Online Mini-Course

Presented by Dr. Tara Egan, "Managing Your Family's Technology & Social Media" is a 30 page ebook PLUS an audio recording that contains nearly 3 hours of in-depth content. Parents are provided with the necessary tools to eliminate power struggles, create balance, and reconnect with their kids.

Managing your family's technology & Social Media mini-course by Dr. Tara Egan

For a limited time, get access to the e-book + mini-course for a LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE.

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