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Coparenting Through Separation & Divorce

Coparenting Counseling

Separation/divorce is a stressful life event for many families. During this time, it may be helpful to get support from a third party who can navigate the emotions surrounding this transition as well as help parents make healthy, practical decisions to benefit their children both short and long-term. Dr. Tara Egan specializes in this work, and would love to hear from you.


Some benefits to working with Dr. Egan include:


  • Assisting parents in explaining the upcoming changes to their children in a manner that is gentle, reassuring, and informative.

  • Assisting parents and children in establishing and adjusting to new routines and living environments.

  • Supporting parents as they develop a separation/divorce custody agreement that meets the needs of their children and factors in the personal circumstances of each parent.

  • Laying the groundwork for parents to establish a healthy, productive co-parenting relationship based on trust and respect.

  • Minimizing the exorbitant costs associated with legal proceedings/custody arrangements, as many decisions can be made independent of legal counsel if parents are willing to collaborate.

  • Supporting children, parents, and step-families as they move past the initial stressors of a separation/divorce and begin to form new, blended families.


Each separation/divorce is unique; some are amicable and efficient, others are high-conflict, lengthy, and expensive. Dr. Tara Egan welcomes all families to her Egan Counseling & Consulting practice and will do her very best to make this process as painless as possible.

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